My dream is to be a wedding planner, but for now I am a mom. In my spare time I am helping my friends dream weddings happen.
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I think we are going to do little gift bags with multiple things. Ideas include

  • hangover kit (water bottle, advil)
  • spoonful of kisses from mr and mrs (buy a ton of spoons from thrift shop)
  • seaglass candy (we are getting married by the ocean)
  • chocolate covered pretzel rods and/or chocolate dipped rice krispies
  • smores kit

Basically anything cheap we can make. Plus I can get the water bottles and advil from costco in bulk over time.

To get married at Pier 62 or to get married at Alki Beach? I feel like once I tell my dad he will get mad we aren’t having a real venue with chairs for the guests. Do I want to sink the money into a venue? For a hour?

I could get married on the ferry… That would be kind of awesome…

We agreed last night that we would wear pink converse for our wedding. Paul wanted to having matching pink ones with Lucie and I just got a pink pair for my birthday. We wanted to wear converse originally and it just is all coming together. It will also open up photo opportunities.